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Lunes, 30 de abril de 2018

Adjuntamos informacion remitida por EACME (EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF CENTRES OF MEDICAL ETHICS) para las personas interesadas en asistir:



Borca di Cadore (Italy) August 26 – September 1, 2018


The EUROPEAN CLINICAL ETHICS NETWORK (ECEN), established in 2005, consists of a European Network of clinical ethics experts in practice, research, and training within the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services (such as Clinical Ethics Committees, Clinical Ethics Consultations, and Moral Deliberation). One of its aims is to further improve the quality and professional competence of those involved in Clinical Ethics Support Services (CESS) in Europe and internationally.

The ECEN Summer School will be a good opportunity to stimulate exchanges and future cooperation among European and International colleagues. It will thereby contribute to another ECEN goal: to share experiences and stimulate critical reflection on the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services in order to contribute to professional quality.

Candidates will find support to further develop their professional profile through their own learning style. They will enrich their (Inter)national professional network in the field of clinical ethics and get the opportunity to be tutored by senior colleagues. Candidates will improve their knowledge and expertise in the field of Clinical Ethics Support Services with respect to the following topics:

• What is ethics about? What is clinical ethics support?

• Methods for practicing clinical ethics support

• Organizational aspects of clinical ethics support

• Research and quality improvement of CESS

• Philosophical dimensions of clinical ethics activities


The deadline for application is April 30, 2018.

Applications will be examined by the Scientific Committee. A telephone interview will be set up if necessary. You will receive a definitive answer at the latest by May 31, 2018.


To apply for the ECEN Summer School: You will find the application form at the following websites: and

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